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There are four different types of garage doors available in the market that is commonly used. The types are – Roller garage doors, up-over, swing hung, and sectional garage doors. The roller garage door is perfect for those who are limited by space as these do not open outwards but roll above and around the drum. Most of these doors are automatic in the mechanism, and all it takes to open or close them is just the push of a remote button. Up-over doors happen to be the most common variety, and they swing out and hang over the garage’s head. However, this type comes with a disadvantage as it requires a lot of space to swing freely, making parking difficult for those with a short driveway. The sectional doors consist of three large sections and open upwards to get stored in a secure ceiling space of the garage. This is by far the most varied type of door as it requires no space at all to open as there is no need to swing outwards. Last but not least, Swing Hung garage doors are a variety that opens like any other regular door. These doors require space in the front to get them open and occupy quite a bit of room if you want to leave them open.

It doesn’t matter what kind of garage door you have, you can put your faith on Garage Door Repair Laurel MD to repair, install, and maintain them correctly. If you want to install a new garage door, of any type of your choice, just give us a call and we’ll be right there to show you our collection of doors that suit every taste and preference. We deal with every issue professionally and with utmost care so that no client feels unsafe with their new door installation.

We will give you all the relevant information before the service and keep you up-to-date with the progress so that you can rest easy knowing your garage is in safe hands. We strive to serve our highly esteemed customers better every day and take great pride in knowing that they are getting the best possible service without going overboard with the costs. To get the best service possible in regards to Garage Door Installation, replacement, and maintenance, get in touch with us and we’ll ensure that you get your money’s worth and 100 percent satisfaction to come and do business with us again.

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